Fisher-Price Little People Cuddle & Play Nursery Play Set singapore
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Fisher-Price Little People Cuddle & Play Nursery Play Set

  • Toddlers can play and care for their Little People baby figures with this nursery play set that folds to look like a diaper bag
  • Push the button to rock the babies in the cozy cradle (Shhh, they’re sleeping)
  • Toddlers can change the babies diapers, feed them with the bottle, and free play on the soft play mat
  • Comes with 2 babies figures and 3 removable play pieces. Everything stores inside for easy take-along play
  • For kids ages 1 ½ 5 years
Age: 1.5 yrs to 5 yrs


In stock

Little things that make a big difference

By creating kid-sized versions of real-life experiences, Fisher-Price Little People toys give toddlers a hands-on way to learn about being a helpful family member, caring friend, kind neighbor, and active community member – just by playing house, taking care of animals, or going for a bus ride with their Little People friends

Parenting play for your caring toddler

Bottle feeds, diaper changes, playtime, and naptime… all in day’s play for your tot! The Cuddle ‘n Play Baby’s Room puts toddlers in charge of all the caring role play, letting them act out moments from real life with their own little babies.




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